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Throughout spring, mothers around the world are paid tribute to – and in France Mother’s Day has been celebrated on the very last Sunday of May since 1950. With that in mind, here are six French films that celebrate motherhood from Manon Kerjean at Lost in Frenchlation.


Enjoying a family friendly film that recognises the power of motherhood is a great way to celebrate this historical holiday. The big screen serves us more than just laughs, but provides strong female leads and powerful narratives of motherhood. So here are six fun French films that will warm your mother’s heart, bringing her the very joy that she deserves on her special day.

1. LOL (Laughing Out Loud) 2009

Starring Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret, this French romantic comedy and drama illustrates the relationship between mother in daughter through the eyes of teenage Lola, who lives alone with her mom after the separation of her parents.

The relationship between Lola and her mother is faced with many challenges as Lola struggles to find the balance between her studies, her social life and her family. Directed by Lisa Azuelos, this film was remade into an American drama starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in 2012.  

2. Maman (Mom) 2012

Directed by French filmmaker Alexandra Leclère, this French comedy tells the story of two sisters, Alice and Sandrine who have spent the majority of their lives feeling emotionally and physically abandoned by their mother.

At 40 years of age, the sisters kidnap their mother, determined to form the bond they never had the luxury of experiencing. This drama takes viewers on an emotional journey with occasional comic relief as it explores the role of motherhood and the complex relationship between mothers and their daughters.  

3. Papa ou Maman (Daddy or Mommy) 2015

Florence and Vincent are getting a divorce, however, they must do one last thing together: solve the ultimate problem of child custody.

Contrary to the typical custody battle, neither of these two parents wants full custody of the kids. When their three “bundles of joy” are left to decide the fate of whose care they’ll be in, Florence and Vincent are forced to test the limits of bad parenting.

This French comedy directed by Martin Bourboulon brings laughs to its audience and offers a different version of parenting and motherhood.

4. Larguées (Dumped) 2018

Alice and Rose are not your typical sisters. Their conflicting personalities make it nearly impossible for them to stay in the same room without an argument breaking out.

However, when their beloved mother is left heartbroken by their father who dumps her for a younger woman, the two sisters are forced to find common ground. On a mission to cheer up their mom, the dynamic trio grows closer in the most unexpected ways.

Directed by Eloise Lang, this French comedy puts a spin on the idea of family, yet delivers a strong representation of mother – daughter relationships.

5. La Fête Des Mères (Mother’s Day) 2018

Directed, written and produced by Marie-Castille Mention Schaar, this French drama explores the multiple facets of motherhood through the lives of multiple women.

With different careers and lives, the strong female leads of this film bring us the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting, illustrating those very moments that define motherhood and the unique bond between mother and child.

6. Mon Bébé (Sweetheart) 2019

As her youngest daughter finally leaves the nest, long time homemaker and mother Heloise, portrayed by French actress Sandrine Kiberlain, reminisces on the special moments of raising her three daughters.

However, coming to terms with the departure of her girls feels as if she is being robbed of her greatest joy, being a mother. Inspired by her own personal experience, director Lisa Azuelos explores the reality of empty nest syndrome and uses this light-hearted comedy to comfort and empower strong women and mothers from all backgrounds.