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Looking to watch a French film this year? These films will be the cream of the crop, say the masters of French film (with English subtitles), Lost in Frenchlation.

1. Demain tout Commence (Two Is A Family) – 2018

Directed by Hugo Gélin and starring Omar Sy from the hit ‘Intouchables’, this film has already garnered 4.4/5 stars on Allociné (the French cinema bible).

It sees Sy’s character, Samuel, partying hard in Marseille, only to be awoken one morning by a woman carrying a baby she claims is his. He chases her to London where he finds work and raises the child alone. It’s sure to be a film to remember.

2. Dalida – 2016

This biography was directed and written by Lisa Azuelos and stars Sveva Alviti as the iconic Dalida, who was famous in the 60s, singing in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Italian.

In real life, Dalida recorded 500 French songs and is well loved by the French, so many will be hoping this film lives up to expectations.

3. Rock’n Roll – 2017

Guillaume Canet plays an actor who is told by a young co-star that he’s no longer ‘Rock’n’ Roll’ and can’t sell films anymore. He then tries to prove her wrong and gets help from his girlfriend, who’s played by Marion Cotillard.

The pair are a couple in real life and met during the filming of ‘Jeux d’Enfants’ (‘Love me if you dare’). The chemistry between them on the screen is perfect, like in ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs’ (‘Little White Lies’) which we highly recommend. This one should be just as good.

5. Le Secret de la Chambre Noire – 2017

Directed by horror master Kiyoshi Kurosawa, this film sees a photographer’s assistant enter into a frightening world and family of his employer.

It is a Kurosawa ghost story — but in French, starring ‘Un Prophète’ star Tahar Rahim. It’s Kurosawa’s first project abroad, his first in another language, and his first with a European crew. It should be very interesting.

6. Monsieur & Madame Adelman – 2017

A romantic comedy directed by the hilarious actor and comedian Nicolas Bedos, 36, marking his first attempt behind the camera. The movie tells of a 50-year long love story and stars Bedos himself with Doria Tillier.

It’s the first French ‘rom-com’ of the year, and appears to be very unusual and promising.