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1. Taken – 2008

This film, starring Liam Neeson, has gone on to achieve cult-status and produce a slew of sequels. It follows a retired CIA agent (Neeson) who must travel from America to Europe and resurrect the skills from his past when his daughter is kidnapped in Paris. Without a doubt, this is an American tourist’s nightmare. Enjoy.

2. The Dreamers (Innocents)- 2003

Don’t be fooled by the sex appeal of this movie…twisted things lie ahead. This 2003 film follows an American studying in Paris in 1968 (against the backdrop of the Paris student riots) as he falls into a relationship with a brother-sister couple. Things get complicated.

3. Irreversible (Irréversible) – 2002

Paris may be known as the city of love, but not in this film. This 2002 psychological thriller unfolds in reverse-chronological order as two men make their way through Paris to avenge the rape of a woman in their lives (Monica Bellucci). The film is scored by Thomas Bangalter, one of the musicians of electronic group Daft Punk. Make sure to catch IRREVERSIBLE before going to see director Gaspar Noé’s latest film, CLIMAX.

4. As Above, So Below – 2014

This horror film will take you into the legendary catacombs of Paris. This found-footage picture follows a team of explorers as they search for the philosopher’s stone in the Parisian underground, while experiencing a gross inversion of the above-ground world they once knew. What they encounter, however, will send their past and present worlds colliding. Recommended for fans of British cult horror THE DESCENT (2005).

5. Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu) – 1993

This film veers away from the abject horror of some of the previous entries on this list. However, that’s not to say it is an upper. THREE COLORS: BLUE follows international star Juliette Binoche as she struggles to live life, following the death of her child and husband. It was nominated for three Golden Globes after it opened in 1993.

6. An American Werewolf in Paris – 1997

This American-French film collaboration is one for the ages. It might be a safer bet than the aforementioned film, as this is billed as a comedy-horror. It follows a young American who gets involved with French werewolves who have developed a transformation-controlling serum. Of course, things go wrong. FUN FACT: This film features Modern Family’s Julie Bowen (pictured below)…as you’ve never seen her before!

7. La Haine (Hate) – 1995

This 1995 French film follows 24 hours in the lives of 3 young men in France, the day after a violent riot. Featuring Vincent Cassel in one of his early roles, this film explores live in a cramped French “ghetto” where mixed ideologies combined with a racist an oppressive police force have created a pressure-cooker waiting to explode.