Private screenings

Lost in Frenchlation offers private screenings of French films with English subtitles, perfect for school, tour and corporate groups looking to be entertained by the world’s richest cinema!

However the benefits of visiting authentic Parisian cinemas for this experience go far beyond entertainment. French films can also be used as a fun way to teach people about French language, culture and style (to mention just a few) and provide a memorable point of discussion for groups just looking to socialise.

For our school / educational group clients, we provide a free exercise to be completed following the screening which helps students test their French and take more away from the experience.

For our corporate and tour group clients (over 18 years old), upon request we can offer a socialising / networking opportunity over drinks / food before and / or after the film.

Lost in Frenchlation is working with two independent Parisian cinemas for our private screening service with differing seating capacities and prices:

Cinema Mac Mahon : 5 avenue Mac-Mahon, 75017 (135 seats)

Cinema et theatre Le Brady : 39 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 (2 cinema rooms available: 100 seats or 39 seats)

We always do our best to get requested films, however this is subject to availability. If you do not have a preferred film, we have plenty of suggestions!
To book this fun, cultural and entertaining experience for your group, please contact us here with your preferred date, group size, film request and any other important information and we’ll get back to you soon!