You know Paris… You have seen the city a million times in movies!

For more than 120 years, Paris has been the most filmed city in the world and it’s still on. Most of you have certainly heard of the very popular last ones: Mission Impossible Fall Out and Fantastic Beats ! 😉

Districts like Trocadéro and its Eiffel Tower or Montmartre are places where the pleasure of strolling comes with the joy to rediscover the location of our favorite movies. By showing you pictures and film clips on a tablet, our walking tours offer you to cross the mirror and to talk about cinema while learning about the history of Paris, discovering hidden places and maybe find a unknown French or American movie to watch.

In Montmartre, Gene Kelly could have met Amélie Poulain or Paul Newman while the giant flea in the Monster in Paris and the little rat of Ratatouille make you discover the work of the artists of the hill.

In the Champs-Elysées, the film Breathless creates many links with American movies from yesterday and today.

In Passy, the Eiffel Tower, star of the city is also a movie star since the beginning.

With Lost in Frenchlation, we are happy to offer you a great movie experience in Paris by completing the tour with a wonderful evening in one of the most iconic theatres in the capital.

Hope to see you at our next events!

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