Les Gardiennes


☞FILM: ‘Les Gardiennes’ directed by Xavier Beauvois (138 minutes)
☞DATE & TIME: Friday 29th December – Cocktail hour with snacks starting from 8pm; screening starts at 9pm
☞CINEMA: Studio 28, 10 rue Tholozé 75018 Paris
☞TICKETS: €9 full price; €7.50 for students and all other concessions. Tickets available at the door only.


Lost in Frenchlation is proud to host an evening featuring the film “Les Gardiennes” with English subtitles, directed by Xavier Beauvois and set during the time of World War I. Affected by a period marked by war and modernization, this poignant film stars Nathalie Baye, who plays Hortense, toiling to maintain the family farm after the men leave to fight at the front of the war. Beauvois highlights French countryside with picturesque and pastoral shots while painting a stunning portrait of life back at home, emphasizing the importance of women as they stepped in to fill traditionally male jobs during the early 1900s. This elegant evening with Lost in Frenchlation at Studio 28 will leave you moved with Beauvois’s realistic portrayal of the unraveling behind-the-scenes drama of the war as women played their roles as the silent heroes that kept a country going.

“Such subtlety is not all that common in today’s movies, and The Guardians can seem so discreet and episodic that it takes on the guise of a telefilm whereas it’s really something much stronger: a serious-minded and, in its closing reels, rather powerful portrait of women getting by in a world where all the men are either gone or gone mad.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Meditative in its pacing, painterly in composition, quietly devastating in its low-key drama… this is a picture which embraces the gentle rhythms of a simple lifestyle, set against a backdrop of fundamental and permanent change.” – Screen International

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrWMiUSjzSY

The screening will take place at the traditional Studio 28, Paris’s oldest cinema room, located in the heart of the vibrant and animated Montmartre. We’ll be hosting cocktail hour with snacks (€4.50, or €6.00 with a packet of popcorn) at 8pm, and the screening will begin at 9pm. Tickets available at the door only – please arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Join us on Friday, December 29th at Cinema Studio 28 for an evening of a true Parisian experience with drinks, snacks, and the screening of “Les Gardiennes” with English subtitles in the only way that films are best enjoyed – at the cinema!