L’Enfance Nue


☞ EVENT: La Chaise et l’Écran Cinema Festival

☞ FILMS: « L’Enfance Nue » by Maurice Pialat (83 min), « Aux Battements du Parloir » by Pascal Marc (14 min), and « T’es con Simon » by Claire Barrault (14 min)
☞ DATE & TIME: Friday 4th August from 9:30 pm
☞ LOCATION: Jardin de la Folie Titon (28 Rue Chanzy, 75011)


Lost in Frenchlation is thrilled to be working together with La Mairie de 11ème for the second year in a row to bring you free outdoor screenings of French films with English subtitles as a part of the highly anticipated 10th annual La Chaise et l’Écran cinema festival! Join us for two short films followed by the classic feature length film “L’Enface Nue” by Maurice Pialet (1968) on August 4th.

The short films to be screened with English subtitles are:

  1. « Aux Battements du Parloir » by Pascal Marc (14 minutes, 2017)
  2. « T’es con Simon » by Caire Barrault (14 minutes, 2016)

“One of the most moving films about childhood ever made, “L’enfance nue” is also one of the most tough-minded … With its clipped rhythms and documentary-like directness, it’s a work of startling immediacy, concerned above all with how François reacts to the world around him, to his ever-changing circumstances. It establishes the searching sensibility that would characterize Pialat’s cinema, bruisingly alive and fully in the moment.”

  • LA Times

“An anguished foster child takes to mischief and lies as his foster parents do their best to love and care for him. But it might be too little, too late in this emotionally devastating portrayal of the orphaned child.”

  • Official Synopsis of “L’Enfance Nue”

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnmVzPcOzFM

The event will take place in the Jardin de la Folie Titon: an amazing outdoor location under the stars and seats will be provided free of charge!

Lost in Frenchlation is truly excited to play a role in bringing you this rare opportunity to experience yet another aspect of France’s rich cinema culture. We hope to see you there!