Atelier de Conversation


☞ FILM: ‘Atelier de Conversation’ directed by Bernhard Braunstein (1h12min)
☞ DATE & TIME: Friday 2 March – A selection of French champagne, wine, beer, cider, juice, cola, popcorn and snacks available from 7pm at the cinema bar. Presentation at 8:15pm. Screening at 8:30pm followed by Q&A.
☞CINEMA: Club de L’Étoile, 14 Rue Troyon, 75017 Paris
☞ TICKETS: €10 full price; €8 for students and all other concessions. Tickets available ONLINE and at the door. Both cards and cash accepted at the cinema.


“Atelier De Conversation” is a documentary most non-native French speakers can relate to, as it follows the stories’ of a diverse group of people that have one thing in common– they live in Paris and want to learn the language. This event will be hosted by one of the main characters of the documentary and the distributor, and will feature an exclusive Q&A with them following the screening.

Each person gives their opinion, in their hesitant French, and global cultural diversity becomes just as much of an opportunity for the participants to laugh together as much as to fully realise just how harsh some people’s lives are. An interesting take on the French capital and France experienced from the inside by foreigners, the film above all shows how the simplest of feelings of loneliness in a strange city, nostalgia for your country and family, and the vital need to communicate, are common to all.
– CineEuropa

The screening will take place at the stunning boat-themed cinema Club de L’Étoile located just off the iconic Champs Élysees and only 2 blocks from the Arc de Triomphe! The screening will begin at 8:30pm followed by a Q&A. Tickets are available both online and at the cinema – get yours for this special event in advance to avoid disappointment!

A dozen red chairs, an equal number of mutually disparate life stories. Just a room and a common language, however, become a means toward understanding… Foreigners from all corners of the world meet each week at the Centre Pompidou in Paris for free lessons to hone their French. War refugees, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and students sit side-by-side, immersing themselves in both lighthearted and weighty conversations, in which cultural differences sometimes result in peaceful confrontations. The dangers of multicultural life, at times easily overcome with the help of a shared language, manifest themselves in drastic altercations, as well as in cheerfully awkward monologues, fleeting gestures, and subtle facial expressions. Minimalist in form – but more so due to the filmmaker’s choices – this thoroughgoing documentary captures those elusive moments in which grammatical fumblings and the painstaking search for the right word inadvertently reveal a window into the human soul.
– Offical Synopsis

Watch the trailer here:

Don’t miss the screening of “Atelier de Conversation” with English subtitles on Friday the 2nd of March, followed by a Q&A with one of the main characters and the distributor! This is a once in a lifetime event, as audiences will get to experience the Parisian documentary then converse firsthand with those closest to the film!