Lost in Frenchlation aims to bring the best of French cinema to the international community in Paris. We host monthly screenings of French films with English subtitles at independent cinemas, each with a convivial cocktail hour before the movie for catching up with friends.



☞ Film: ‘Divines’ by Houda Benyamina (105 mins)
- Camera d'Or prize at Cannes Film Festival 2016
☞ Date & Time: Friday 14th October
– film-themed cocktail available from 8pm; screening starts at 9:15pm
☞ Location: Studio 28, 10 rue Tholozé, Montmartre 75018 Paris
☞ Tickets: Only available at the door (please arrive early to avoid disappointment and bring cash as Studio 28 does not accept cards)

Lost in Frenchlation is following up on our sold out September comeback screening this October 14 with a film which cannot be missed: the highly-acclaimed and much-anticipated 'Divines' from Houda Benyamina (Camera d'Or prize, Cannes Film Festival 2016 for Best First Film) which explores some of the often overlooked and harsh realities of life in the suburbs of Paris. 

We'll be serving a delicious film-themed cocktail (€4.50) at the bar of cinema Studio 28 - Paris' oldest cinema room located in the heart of Montmartre - from 8pm before the screening starts at 9.15pm, giving you time to catch up with old friends and meet some new people too! 

'In a ghetto where religion and drug trafficking rub shoulders, Dounia has a lust for power and success. Supported by Maimouna, her best friend, she decides to follow in the footsteps of Rebecca, a respected dealer. Her encounter with Djigui, a young, disturbingly sensual dancer, throws her off course.' - Official synopsis 

"This tough, feisty French disaffected youth drama, crackles with attitude, anger and lust for life. Divines does something more than simply storyboarding the pressure-cooker frustrations of young people with nowhere to go (...) Fizzing with ideas, as difficult to pin down as its heroine, Divines keeps generating electricity long after the lights have gone down." - Lee Marshall, Screendaily  

'Divines' is already a hot topic in Paris and the conversation won't stop anytime soon... This is your chance to see what it's all about in true Parisian style - at the cinema!

À bientôt! 

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About us

Lost in Frenchlation’s mission is simple – we want to bring world-renown French cinema to the international community in Paris, and we want to be a hub for the international community to get to know each other as well as native Parisians.

We hope to one day have our own cinema that allows the international community to enjoy the best of French film on any given day, but for the time being we are starting small with monthly screenings of a mix of classic and current box office movies. We’ll also be hosting drinks before and/or after screenings with some innovative film-themed cocktails that our viewers can enjoy while they chat about the film or anything else that pops into their heads!

That’s what we do, but how did this all start?

Lost in Frenchlation was born when we came to realise that the non-French speaking community in Paris (e.g. expatriates, international students, tourists etc.) were excluded from enjoying an integral part of French culture – their cinema. It was impossible for the international community to enjoy the amazing French films that native Parisians were talking about because there wasn’t a single cinema in Paris that was showing them with English subtitles! This meant that people were still watching American films in Parisian cinemas and missing out on a golden opportunity to become even more immersed in Parisian culture by enjoying one of France’s greatest arts – cinema. So that’s why Lost in Frenchlation exists: to bring French art and culture to the international community through films.

Check out our interviews to learn more about Lost in Frenchlation and for some tips on amazing French films!

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  • Matthew Bryan Founder
  • Manon Kerjean Founder

The international duo behind Lost in Frenchlation is
Manon and Matt, and we first crossed paths
when we were both studying in Berlin in 2014.

Matt is Australian and although he lived in Paris for nearly a year, he wasn’t able to watch a single French film in a Parisian cinema. He now works in finance in London and dedicates his spare time to getting Lost in Frenchlation up and running and on its way to becoming an independent cinema.

Manon is French and grew up in Paris, and she is absolutely passionate about everything to do with French film. When she’s not busy working on making Lost in Frenchlation a success, she is focused on starting her career as a film editor.


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